Next generation virtual racing simulators

Professional grade simulators combining state of the art motion platform, surround sound system and virtual reality technology

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About Us

We are a team of race car drivers who came together to create something that would immerse and transform you to any track in the world while being in a real race car. Virtual Racing is a company manufacturing virtual reality racing simulators with innovating motion platforms that provides realistic movement. Our company is built on a foundation of believing that everyone can become a race driver. Now we are manufacturing them and going globally using our business franchise model. We create an opportunity for people to become entrepreneurs, companies to promote their products and experience the share joy of racing for everyone. Our goal is to make racing more accessible to the general public by expanding our business throughout the globe while delivering a totally different and more realistic experience to the customer.


Business franchise

We manufacture virtual reality racing simulators and we are addressing the global market with a business franchise model. We have operated and tested out and proven our business model in various locations in Europe and now we are ready to expand and we need your help. Our main product is our franchise business model in which everything is well thought through. We operate in areas where with big traffic of pedestrians and we charge people per session for a chance to experience the spirit of racing. Every location is different so we tailor and help you choose the equipment according to your needs and your location specification: indoor, outdoor, weather conditions. You receive all the necessary equipment, software, training and the know-how to operate and run the business on your own. Our support team will guide you in every step of the way and answer all of the questions that may rise and help you solve all the challenges you may face. We want to share our knowledge and expertise and help you grow. Our business model is great for people who are looking for some more side income or want to step their first steps towards becoming a true entrepreneur.

Rent for events

We want to make your event special and our simulators are real head turners. That is why we offer the option to rent out our RX-8 PRO RACE simply for a day and make your event stand out. If you are interested in hosting any motorsport event, impress you investors, entertain your clients, employees or just attract more people at a trade fair or exhibition our simulator will do for you. Our trained staff will deliver, set up and guide you through your experience from the beginning till the end so you can just relax and enjoy the pleasure that our simulator delivers.


Our simulators are built into real race cars Mazda RX-8. We focus on the details so all the cars come equipped with roll cages, switch boards, gauges to get that authentic feel of a true race car. The combination of a car shell and virtual reality technology gives that immersive feeling for the client. The motion platform and professional steering wheel with hydraulic pedals gives a feedback that perfectly simulates the actions and handling of the car. This brings you as close as possible to a real race and the exhilarating feeling that it provides. Having in mind that auto-sport is extremely expensive and is not available to everyone financially our dedicated team came up with the perfect solution to solve this problem. Using the technology of virtual reality, we are able to bring you a vast load of adrenaline pumping through your veins while power sliding through a corner at 160 km/h in the Circuit de Monaco.


Riveting sound

Our surround sound system will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Motion platform

4 point motion platform will let you experience the true handling of the car your racing.

Immersive view

Virtual Reality will captivate your attention and transfer you directly on to a race track.

Mazda RX8

You will be sitting in a real race car to fully understand what it means to be a true race driver

The Team

Our team consists of Rally, Circuit, Rally Cross racers that came together to form Virtual Racing. Out of the experience that we built up racing for more than a decade we managed to create a simulator that perfectly imitates the feeling of driving a race car.

Our dedicated racer team tries out all the upgrades and suggests corrections to make it more emerging and realistic.

Our designer and visual team will tailor the specific needs that you wish to add or that are needed for specific conditions such as climate, location of the branch to fit the needs and expectations of the customer.

Our engineering department keeps up with all the latest developments in the racing simulator industry to assure that our product has all the latest technology available.

Our Location

We are located in the Canary Islands Tenerife in one of the biggest and unique shopping center “Siam Mall” Av. Siam, 3, 38670 Costa Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Our office is located in Lithuania, Kaunas R. Kalantos g. 4

+370 644 42266

+370 614 75170