Rent out a real professional racing car and experience what professionals feel on a race track. All cars comply with the highest FIA standard requirements!

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Sport car rental

Pick out your favourite car from our selection and take it out on the track and test it. Our professional racing drivers are there to assist and help you drive and control the car better.

We rent out the cars for races and competitions. We can provide the cars with a pit crew and a full service if needed. You have the possibility to enrol and try your odds in a real race with the toughest and best drivers racing besides you

Companies and group events

Our main focus is working with companies and group events so if you have a desire to improve your driving skill, learn about motorsport, get a feel of driving a real race car contact us and we will make all your wishes to come true. We can offer various packages to groups of people to fit your needs and make your event or celebration special

Winter packages

Depending on the condition of winter we offer different learning packages to learn how to better control a car on icy and snowy surfaces and also adjust and control the sliding of the car. These courses will give you more confidence while driving and makes you safer on cold winter roads.

If the winter season is cold enough we offer an extreme course on a frozen lake. We will set up the course on one of our private lakes to be able to teach you proper sliding techniques, how to enter and exit a corner on a slippery surface and what to do when the car is out of control.

Rally introduction package

We offer a special package for those who are craving for loose gravel roads, high speeds and real rally racing skills. In a specially designed rally cross track we will give you a lecture of proper driving techniques that will help you understand how to car reacts on loose gravel surface and how to control it while sliding. We will introduce you to proper braking methods, how to gain maximum control while entering and exiting corners.


We will provide you with a unique opportunity to rent out and drive a real race car that complies with all the FIA safety standards. These cars are specifically designed and modified for racing. We use them ourselves to compete in various races and competitions all throughout Lithuania, Poland and other Baltic states.

We want to guarantee a memorable time and a once in a life time experience that is why we entrust you with our own race cars so you can feel the difference between an everyday car and a modified race car cause the difference is mind boggling.

Your safety is the most important thing to us. That is why our cars are equipped with roll cages that comply with FIA highest standards.

Our team member will assist as a co-pilot coaching you and helping you improve your performance and bringing it to the next level. We expect you to stay safe keep an open mind and take care of our cars.

Our selection of cars consists of BMW 3 series coupe models:


BMW E30 330

Power: 3.0L 230 HP
Weight: 1200 kg
Transmission: Manual


BMW E36 318is

Power: 1.8L 156 HP
Weight: 1150 kg
Transmission: Manual


BMW E46 323ci

Power: 2.5L 170 HP
Weight: 1350 kg
Transmission: Manual


Racing Spirit

Our racing team will fully immers you in to the racing world.

FIA Aproved

All of the cars are designed to guarantee your safety and comply with FIA standard requirements.

Driving skills

Our professional racing drivers will teach you all the necessary techniques to bring you to the next level.

Time tracking

Your time will be tracked and you will get feedback from the racing driver about each lap so you can improve faster

The Team

Our team consists of Rally, Circuit, Rally cross racers that came together to form Virtual Racing. We want to make motorsport more accessible and approachable to everyday people. That is why we are offering Virtual Racing Race car rental services.

We live eat and sleep thinking about cars. We have more petrol pumping though our vanes than blood. Racing is our second nature that is why most of us spent more than a decade developing this skill. The rest of the crew basically lives in the workshop working and tweaking the cars so they would perform and handle at their best.

Our dedication keeps us moving forward and improving each day. We seek to have fun and to bring joy to people by bringing them and immersing them in to this sport. Motorsport captivates us and keeps us focused on more important things than just winning.

About Us

Virtual Racing Race car rental specifies in renting out professional Race cars that comply with all of the highest FIA standards. We buy and modify the cars by ourselves to make them handle and perform at their peak. Our cars are professionally built for racing our team members compete in various events in the same cars we entrust to you.

We can help organize and rent out the cars for private events, races, competitions and just for simple track days whenever you feel like getting a bit of an adrenaline rush pumping though your vanes. We have professional racing drivers ready to coach you and help you reach the next level.

We have a track set up and ready just for you near Kaunas in Kačerginė called “Nemuno Žiedas” there we have a challenging track waiting for you. Depending on the winter we offer safety lessons, learning to slide and control the car on icy or snowy surfaces.

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Our office is located in Lithuania, Kaunas R. Kalantos g. 4

+370 644 42266

+370 614 75170